Story Time – From spoons to chopsticks.

The time I switched over to using chopsticks.


Journal Entry – 04/04/2018

It’s cloudy today, so I’m a little worried about it raining since the clothes are hung outside. The novels I’ve ordered a few days ago arrived today and they look so beautiful. Really excited to read then after I’m done with the Otori series. Nearly finished the fourth novel of the series, just one more […]

Journal Entry – 31/03/2018

Tarot of the day is the Six of Cups; kindness, caring, nostalgia, memories and childhood. I guess this would be helpful to those living in the US since it’s a day behind my time haha. I’ll continue to share it if I feel like it because it doesn’t really help those in the pacific or […]

Journal Entry – 30/03/2018

Spent about an hour in bed and then got up at 8:21 am to brush my teeth. Just as I stepped into the bathroom, I saw my towel with blood on it. Turns out my brother had a bloody nose and he wiped his blood on my towel. After talking to him yesterday and having […]

Journal Entry – 29/03/2018

Yesterday I went to library again to read my novel and I had pork katsu curry again. Almost finished my novel, but I went home early because I couldn’t stand being in the library. It really pissed me off that on the first floor there are kids smashing toys and crying every 5 minutes, then […]

Journal Entry – 27/03/2018

Didn’t sleep that well, woke up early and feeling groggy. Spent the morning hanging the laundry again and left home at 10:30 am to go to the library. I’m considering bringing an umbrella with me next time because its so sunny and hot. I’m covered in sweat and it’s so uncomfortable walking in the sun. […]