Journal Entry – 11/01/2018

So it’s been a while and I haven’t been doing much, aside from watching Shadowhunters on Netflix and making origami for the past two days. Trying to plan a get together with my friends and I’m debating on what whether to go for lunch or dinner, since some are working. You never know when it’s […]

A Week In – Journal Entry 7/01/2018

So it’s been a week into the year and there’s already so much going on from what you can read online. As much as I would like to give my two cents on a certain YouTuber’s actions, I’d rather not give him anymore attention that he does not deserve because it’s utterly disrespectful and disgusting […]

Journal Entry 27/12/2017

[11:43] Good morning, though it would be a little late to say that now. Woke up early and checked my phone as usual, nothing new. Spent most of the morning cleaning actually; vacuumed, mopped the floors and helped clean my moms’ car. Just threw out the trash in my room and now I’m listening to […]

Journal Entry 26/12/2017

[9:21] Boxing day. I think it lasts for 3 days right? However long it is, go you something nice while the deals are still on. Yesterday was a bad day for me, and I still have residual anger from all that. My family tree must be a cactus because everyone on it is a prick, […]

Journal entry 24/12/2017

[6:21] Woke up earlier today and can’t fall back to sleep. It’s Christmas eve right now, can’t believe it’s a day away from Christmas and we only have a week left until it’s 2018. Time passes by so quickly in a blink of an eye. Having one of those days where I can’t find the […]