Journal Entry – 22/04/2018

So it’s been a while since I’ve last posted. Been procrastinating about it and there haven’t been anything interesting going on with my life. I was meant to go to the library again this week, but I just couldn’t be bothered. I did go out to the city on Monday to visit a friend, but […]

Journal Entry – 14/04/2018

On Tuesday there was a storm that heavily affected the country and most residents didn’t have access to electricity and hot water to their homes. The heavy wind did a lot of damage and in some homes their roofs were ripped off. For me, the only damage to our home were a part of a […]

Journal Entry – 10/04/2018

Some things happen to you in life that makes you feel useless or not worthy of anyone. Once again my depression has gone into relapse and my head is full of negative thoughts and self loafing. This is chronic depression and it has affected me for a large portion of my life. I didn’t ask […]

Journal Entry – 04/04/2018

It’s cloudy today, so I’m a little worried about it raining since the clothes are hung outside. The novels I’ve ordered a few days ago arrived today and they look so beautiful. Really excited to read then after I’m done with the Otori series. Nearly finished the fourth novel of the series, just one more […]

Journal Entry – 31/03/2018

Tarot of the day is the Six of Cups; kindness, caring, nostalgia, memories and childhood. I guess this would be helpful to those living in the US since it’s a day behind my time haha. I’ll continue to share it if I feel like it because it doesn’t really help those in the pacific or […]