Journal Entry – 18/07/2018

You ever feel like things in your life will never work out for you? Or when you try to get your life together and plan things out, but something happens and you’re left crippled, unable to bounce back up?

That’s what I’ve been feeling for the past few months and is the main reason I haven’t been keeping this blog updated. There’s just nothing good to talk about and everything that’s been happening in my life has been one bad thing after another. It didn’t feel right to constantly tell everyone how messed up my life is and complain about every little thing when there’s so much else happening in the world.

So I took a break and just tried to relax, spending most of my time alone and pushing things away while I try to find my bearings.

What has happened to me so far is, I’ve finally finished reading the Otori series, read through book one and two of the Tales of Shikanoko, started reading the third book, been reading a bunch of comics, started watching Kamen Rider Brave, and I bought a spider plant that I have on in my room.

I decided to have a plant in room because I really needed some clean air since I keep my door closed and I hate it when people look inside it. It’s winter here right now, so I’m trying my best to keep it alive by not over watering it. It’s been about a week and the leaves are starting to curl and bend, so I’m starting to get worried about them. I plan on replanting it during spring and feed it liquid fertilizer.

Also plan to get a peace lily because it’s apparently the best filter plant and releases oxygen at night. Might get an aloe vera plant too that does the same, or maybe a snake plant(mother-in-laws tongue).

I’m doing all this because I need to change my environment and make it more healthy for me. I thought it was about time that I started on taking better care of myself and get my life together.

For the rest of the year, I’ll probably be going to the library and read novels, then find some time to hang out with friends and just chill. Maybe get started on writing a CV so I can get a job during the summer holidays. I really need some help with writing it, so if you can give a helping hand, that would be much appreciated. I haven’t written one before and I haven’t had a job either, so I have absolutely no idea where to start.

Anyway, I’m going to spend the rest of the day on my computer trying to relax and figure out what I want to do with my life. I’ll try to blog more when I can. Talk to you soon.


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