Journal Entry – 22/04/2018

So it’s been a while since I’ve last posted. Been procrastinating about it and there haven’t been anything interesting going on with my life. I was meant to go to the library again this week, but I just couldn’t be bothered. I did go out to the city on Monday to visit a friend, but that’s about it. Other than that, I’ve also went out to buy lunch at the nearest diary and fish n’ chips.

Spent most of the week at home and on the computer. My life is very boring, got nothing much to talk about. I also don’t have any stories to share at the moment. Somebody asked if I had any love stories to share, and honestly I don’t want to share anything to do with my love life. That’s one thing that I would like to keep private, so if that’s something you want to read about, then this isn’t the blog for you.

Now back to my usual journal entry, I woke up at around 7 am and I spent most of my morning looking at my phone, like most people do. I did end up brushing my teeth and have breakfast. I had a steak and cheese pie and after that I took my pills; royal jelly, fish oil and multivitamin. I know some may have an issue with the royal jelly and even honey, but I’m only taking them because I did pay for them and it’d be a waste to just throw them away. I will however be planning on never buying royal jelly tablets anymore.

The thing with homey is, we’re not really stealing it from the bees because the whole process of collecting honey is so intricate. It’s not like the bees are being tortured when the honey is collected. Also, the bees are cared for and provided a safe environment for them to flourish. Bee keepers really do care for their bees, believe or not. they’re actually doing the bees a favor because they help them get through the winter.

Anyways, it’s 9 am right now and I’ve spent about 10 minutes writing all that. Gonna watch some YouTube videos and read some comics, then I’ll watch some anime and maybe check out what’s on Netflix. There hasn’t been anything new that interests me right now, but when I do come across something I’ll let you guys know.

Well it’s 9:35 pm right now, spent most of the day reading comics, watching anime, and watching movies. Just watched Kingsman and the sequel, not a bad movie. Didn’t do much other than that. Going to take a shower now and then head to bed. I’ll try to write tomorrow and get back on schedule with the blog.

Plan on going out tomorrow to do a little bit of shopping, then I’ll probably get back to doing the usual again, so I guess that’s something to look forward to? Anyway, talk to you later, good night.


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