Story Time – From spoons to chopsticks.

I still remember the exact moment that I stopped using spoons and “graduated” to using chopsticks. It was back in 2002 during my third year in primary/elementary. It was during dinner and as usual I would be eating with a spoon while my parents are eating with chopsticks.

I just remember asking my mom that I wanted to use chopsticks instead of a spoon and she was like “sure, go ahead”. So that’s what I did, I went to get a pair of chopsticks by myself and started using them to eat.

Now, some may expect my parents to actually bother to teach me how to hold the chopsticks and tell me if I’m doing it right or wrong, but that’s not what happened at all. I had to learn it myself and figure everything out because that’s just how it was in my household.

So while my younger brother was being spoon fed and spoiled till this day, I had to grow up and take care of myself. It didn’t take long for me to get use to holding the chopsticks and eventually eating with them.

I decided to share this story because a few months ago our family switched over to using metal chopsticks. The main reason for doing this was mainly because it’s more sanitary than using wooden chopsticks, since I’ve noticed that they always retain the smell of garlic, and soap also seeps into it too.

I wanted to switch over to them because it’s also easier to clean and that makes me feel better, since my brother’s been doing the dishes and he never cleans them properly. Everything always ends up being too oily and greasy when he’s done with cleaning them. I’ve confronted him numerous times, but he never admits that he messed up.

So now that we’re using metal chopsticks, it’s definitely harder to use than wooden ones because the surface is smooth, so when picking up noodles or veges that are coated with oil, it slips off unless you have very good control and the patience to eat at a moderate pace.

Obviously, my stepfather complained about them and has reverted back to using wooden chopsticks. The thing about him is, he’s always eating in a rush, especially when there’s a lot of meat. He’s always competing with everyone, trying to eat as much as he can. That’s probably why he switched back, because he has poor grip with the metal ones and it’s a challenge to eat.

I don’t mind the metal chopsticks too much, since I eat in a moderate pace anyways, and it’s not like I’m trying to hog all the food to myself. Though it would be easier to use the flat metal chopsticks than the cylinder ones.

If you want to try using chopsticks, I recommend starting with the wooden ones first, then the plastic ones, but I wouldn’t recommend them, so instead just skip to the metal ones.

Of course, I still use a spoon for things like cereal and soup, and I occasionally use a fork and a knife. It all depends on the setting I guess.

So yeah, that’s my story of the day haha. I’ll try to dig through my memory and see what else I could share. Stay tuned for more.



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