Journal Entry – 04/04/2018

It’s cloudy today, so I’m a little worried about it raining since the clothes are hung outside. The novels I’ve ordered a few days ago arrived today and they look so beautiful. Really excited to read then after I’m done with the Otori series. Nearly finished the fourth novel of the series, just one more novel to go and then I can get started on the Tale of Shikanoko.

During the past few days I haven’t been up to much, just doing the usual and I started watching Power Rangers Ninja Steel because I was bored haha. I also ended up buying some chocolate Easter eggs and yesterday I ordered a body pillow because I felt like it haha.

Not really doing anything right now, there’s some new Anime that came out for this season and some of them look interesting, so I’m going to check those out.

As for my ear infection, it’s gotten a lot better and I’ve been off of the ear drops since it ran out. It’s no longer leaking any liquid and I’m also off of the medication as well. Not experiencing any pain and my hearing is pretty much back. Hopefully it’s completely better, but I’m going to avoid doing anything like swimming or going to the beach, as well as keeping it dry and not letting any water seep in, that also means not using cotton swabs.


5:30 pm right now and it started raining 5 minutes ago. We’ve had a black out for 4 hours and it looks like we won’t be able to cook for a while. Haven’t done much during those hours, just read a chapter of my novel and played cards with my brother. By the way, the three dots  above is just an indication of a few hours have passed since I last wrote anything, like from 10 am to 4 pm. Nothing serious, just thought it’d be easier to read.

For lunch I made an egg sandwich and it was while I was eating that the power went off. After lunch I went out to buy a bag of cotton candy and some chocolate, because why not? While walking to the nearest dairy, I saw some construction workers doing whatever with the utility poles, I assume that’s the reason for the power cut.

5:40 pm just checked online about the power outtage and it says that the expected time for it to be back on is at around 8 pm, so it’s gonna be a while. I’ll probably read my novel while it’s still bright and then see what else I could do till the power is back on. I’ll keep somewhat of an update.

Power just returned and it’s 6:24 pm right now. I looked it up online and what happened was at noon, there was a car accident near our area, at about the time I was having lunch they cut the power around the area so they could fix one of the utility poles that got damaged. So the power is back and dinner is being made. We’re having dumplings since there’s hardly any preparation to be done.

Right now I’m playing Digimon Links and then I’ll check YouTube and Netflix for something to watch for the rest of the night.

It’s 8:12 pm and I just watched this weeks episode of Shadowhunters. I’m going to be watching Power Rangers now until around 9:30 pm and then hit the showers. I got a call from my uncle saying he’s coming over tomorrow or the day after to take my brother to make an appointment for his learners license, so I might be going out tomorrow. Hopefully he doesn’t come over too early since my body pillow is arriving in the morning. Family members are nosy, they always have to know what’s going on in your life, especially about the things you bought.

Gonna leave it here for tonight, I’ll be heading straight to bed after I’ve taken a shower because I made it a rule to turn off my computer before I take a shower. I’m not a night person, the latest I’ve stayed up was around 2 am, and usually I’m dead tired around 10 pm, so there’s really no reason for me to keep using my computer so late.

I’ve decided that I will try to blog daily if I can, if I don’t have anything to talk about or I’m not really up for it I’ll those days, but I will post weekly and do a recap of the days I’ve skipped.

I’ve wondering what else I could blog about and I kinda want to write about all the imaginary worlds I’ve created out of boredom, or the creatures I wish were real and how I would want the world to be. Problem is, I don’t know where to start and if it’s weird to just talk about it and not having a story about some adventure haha. I don’t want to end up writing a novel that will never be finished or sound too foolish.

Anyway, that’s all for today, talk to you later, good night.

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