Journal Entry – 30/03/2018

Spent about an hour in bed and then got up at 8:21 am to brush my teeth. Just as I stepped into the bathroom, I saw my towel with blood on it. Turns out my brother had a bloody nose and he wiped his blood on my towel. After talking to him yesterday and having lunch with him without there being any arguments for once, this is what happens. He didn’t even give an apology and just said “oops”.

It might not be a big deal to some people, but here’s the thing, you don’t see me wiping my bloody nose on your towel. It’s rude and inconsiderate, especially when he gets offended by me asking him a simple question about what he’s going to do with his studies, since he didn’t get accepted into his programme and he’s holed up in his room all day playing games on his computer, I guess that’s his problem.

Anyway, it’s cloudy today and it’s also been raining too. Today’s tarot of the card is the Two of Wands; choice, potential, contemplation, threshold and planning. So take your time and consider your options instead of jumping on the first opportunity.

2:08 pm now, finished lunch, I had laksa which was instant, it was alright but I would rather have it freshly made with seafood as well. Right now I’m planing on buying some novels since I’m almost done with the Otori series, just have one more novel to read and then I can start on the Tale of Shikanoko. The Author said the story would be set 300 years before the Otori, so I’m definitely looking forward to reading it. I still have 5 other novels lying around, but this is more important haha.

9:07 pm, the weather cleared up at noon and it didn’t rain for the rest of the day, I spent the day reading comics and watching YouTube videos. I just finished watching this weeks episode of Drag Race and I was a little sad about who got eliminated. Now I just have to watch untucked to see how the girls felt about their looks and what not.

Don’t have any plans for tomorrow, might go to the dairy if it’s opened, but I doubt it since it’s the Easter weekend. Can’t go anywhere until next Tuesday because the trains are replaced with buses, which I don’t like taking because it’s a longer journey and I’m not use to taking them.

Not much to do now, going to head to the showers soon. I ordered two novels and they should be arriving some time next week. I got the whole Tale of Shikanoko and I’m looking forward to reading it. If you plan on getting it, the US version is separated into 4 books, while the Australian release is 2 books, it should say parts 1 and 2 for the first book, then parts 3 and 4 for the second. Check wikipedia for the title, the author is Lian Hearn.

Anyway, that would be all for today, talk to you later, good night.



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