Journal Entry – 29/03/2018

Yesterday I went to library again to read my novel and I had pork katsu curry again. Almost finished my novel, but I went home early because I couldn’t stand being in the library. It really pissed me off that on the first floor there are kids smashing toys and crying every 5 minutes, then on the second floor the senior citizens are having conversations like they own the place, as well as some people watching videos and talking on the phone. What is wrong with the people in this library?

Anyway, I didn’t go to the library today because I just didn’t feel like dealing with all the noise and the heat. Even though it’s autumn here it still feels like summer when it’s sunny. So instead, I spent my day at home and went to the fish and chips shop nearby and ordered a fish burger, fish and chips, and a deep-fried moro chocolate bar for lunch. It was a lot of food and I got a little sick of all the grease. Note to self, no chips and deep-fried fish next time. It’s just way too much grease for me.

I also just remembered what I dreamt of for the last 2 days. Yesterday I dreamt of ordering KFC for breakfast while my family were having dumplings, and my dream today was about collecting aloe leaves, weird right?

So I spent the day on my computer and talking to my brother about games and what we would do if we get to design a game ourselves. It was quite a long discussion and it’s also the most I’ve talked this entire month haha. I’m not that big of a gamer, but I am imaginative and there are things that I want in a game, like disparity in game play for everyone, mainly focusing on story.

I don’t like how games are always linear and how every player is going through the same story-line. With most MMORPG’s it’s always leveling up your character, defeating monsters, getting better gear, and then doing the same thing by moving to the next town with stronger monsters.

Other than talking about games, I spent my day on the computer doing the usual; I’ve watched Black Lighting and Shadowhunters, read some comics and watching videos on YouTube. Skipped dinner because I had too much for lunch and I honestly don’t feel hungry at all.

It’s 9:33 pm now, not doing much, just listening to music and writing today’s blog entry. Don’t have any plans tomorrow, even though it’s Easter weekend. Basically there’s Good Friday, the weekends and Easter Monday, so it’s a long weekend and break for every here. Unluckily for some university students it’s also aligned with their mid-semester break, so they don’t get those 2 days of “break”.

That’s it for today, heading to the showers and then going to sleep. Talk to you all later, good night.



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