Journal Entry – 27/03/2018

Didn’t sleep that well, woke up early and feeling groggy. Spent the morning hanging the laundry again and left home at 10:30 am to go to the library. I’m considering bringing an umbrella with me next time because its so sunny and hot. I’m covered in sweat and it’s so uncomfortable walking in the sun.

It’s 11:30 am and I’m at the library right now reading the same novel. There aren’t a lot of people reading, just a lot of kids and their parents at the playpen, which I think is an abomination because it defies the very fundamental definition of what a library is. It’s loud and kids are crying. I wish I had my own library, it’ll be huge and silent, just like me when I have anxiety 😀

Gonna try to read in this room of crying infants. Wish me luck.

I actually ended up going to the second floor to read and it is so much more quiet. There were hardly any noise and most of the people were studying, since this is part of a university and it’s also the non-fiction section. Spent a few hours reading and then went to the same sushi place and ordered pork katsu curry again.

After lunch I went back to the library to read, but instead I was playing a game on my phone called Digimon Links. It’s a little difficult to digivolve your digimon to mega, which is the highest stage of evolution, because it requires you collecting a certain amount of fragments for it to happen. It’s not time consuming because the battles can be put on auto, so you don’t really have to do anything other than just sit there and let the fight play out. If you’re interested in playing and want to add me as a friend, leave a comment below with your user code and I’ll add you.

I got home at 3 pm and spent about an hour on the computer updating this journal entry. Gonna spend the rest of the day reading comics, watching things on YouTube and probably continue watching Zero: Dragon Blood.

It’s 8:44 om right now and I didn’t end up watching Zero, but I am watching how to make a gown on YouTube lol. Not much to do now since I usually take a shower at 9:30 pm and then go to sleep. Will probably continue to watch YouTube videos and then hit the showers.

I’ll likely go to the library tomorrow as well and probably be visiting the same sushi store again haha. I’ve also been playing Ingress and I finally got to level 4, but I heard things get easier when you get level 7, so it’s gonna be a long while before I get there since I don’t live in the city.

Throughout the day I have a lot of thoughts going on in my head, but when I actually get to writing my journal entries my mind just goes blank or I completely forget what I wanted to say haha.

Ending the post here today, talk to you all later.


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