Journal Entry – 22/03/2018

So I didn’t write anything yesterday because I was in a very bad mood, also because I wasn’t do much at all. Spent most of the day on the computer and watching things on YouTube, read some manga and started watching Marvel’s Runaways.

Reason why I was in a bad mood was because my stepfather kept saying how great his curry was compared to everyone else. He made his curry so runny that it looked like curry soup and it lacked a lot of flavor. He was saying that it doesn’t taste good if it’s thick and saying all these condescending things that implied the curry I made was bad. In the past, my mom made a soupy curry and he kept pecking on it like it’s the worst thing he ever had, but when he makes it soupy it’s suddenly the best curry he’s ever made. He also complained about my curry being spicy, but last night he made his spicy and continued to praise how great it was throughout the duration of our dinner.

Of course, me being the one who loves food obviously felt extremely offended by his hypocritical comments and I was fueled with so much rage that I just ate in complete silence. He does this every time whenever it’s something to do with food. Basically, everything he makes is better than than everyone else, that’s what he believes, even if it tastes absolutely disgusting. This one time he made the saltiest soup I’ve ever tasted in my life, and he says that isn’t salty at all. How narcissistic so you have to be to believe in your own lie? Does it take that much pride to say you’ve added too much salt?

Anyway, I stayed at home today and spent the morning resting in my bed, then went to buy some butter and cheese to make some pasta. What I did was melt some butter and added some chopped spring onions and minced garlic, heat it up till it became fragrant, then added 2 – 3 teaspoons of fish sauce, 2 tablespoons of oyster sauce and some black pepper to it to finish the sauce. Finally, I added my pasta and put in some cheese, mixed it all up and serve. It was too salty to be honest because I used salted butter lol. It was alright, my brother liked it.

So about my ear infection lol. The ear drops are definitely working because it isn’t leaking that yellowish liquid anymore. At first it didn’t helped because I was doing it wrong, then later after looking it up I realized you have to let it seep into your ear and let it stay there for a full minute, then tilt your head so the infected ear is pointing down to catch all the ear drops with a tissue. I’m so glad that I don’t have to worry about going out and constantly having to dry it, and now I don’t have to touch it so often.

I don’t know how long till it’s completely healed, hopefully the antibiotics are working because at the moment I’m still experiencing some deafness and there’s still some swelling in the ear. As for the pain, there is some if I touch it and sometimes, rarely, there is a bit of pain every now and then, but it isn’t enough that’ll make me cry out or get in the way of me doing anything. I think it would be wise to take the other medicine I was prescribed that would help with any pain and fever just in case.

8 pm right now, just finished watching the first episode of The Shadowhunters Season 3 and I’m really looking forward to the next episode. I’m also excited for Season 10 of Rupaul’s Drag Race this week, already seen the first 15 minutes of it and I already have a favorite queen.

I don’t have any plans tomorrow, might stay home again and be on the computer all day, or I might go to the library to read my novel. I’m trying to find a good time to head out so it aligns with my medication. I’m making sure that I use my ear drops in a timely manner because I don’t want it to start leaking fluid in the middle of the day. I’ve also been making sure that I use it roughly 6 hours after the first time I’ve used it in the morning, though I’m sure I can shoot for a later time.

It’s 10:18 pm right now, just finished taking a shower and used my ear drops. Watched episode 4 of Marvels Runaways prior to my shower and I also took a spirit animal quiz as well and my result was an owl haha.

Almost forgot to share a picture that I took this morning.

It caught my eye this morning and I felt like taking a picture of it. It turned out pretty good, liked the contrast and how the back ground looked.

Gonna go to bed now, haven’t been sleeping that well lately, but it is getting a bit better now that my ear isn’t hurting as much and most important of all it isn’t leaking.

This Saturday I’m going to get a haircut and we’d probably head out for lunch, I’ll see if I can take a picture of anything. No promises lol. Talk to you later.

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