Journal Entry – 20/03/2018

Headed out in the morning around 10 am to see the doctor and it turns out that I had an ear infection. So the good news is that it’ll be gone in about a week or two, I’m just still wondering why I’m experiencing deafness, but it’s probably the swelling, I hope. I was prescribed some ear drops to deal with the leaking, antibiotics for the infection, and some Paracetamol as pain relief or in case of a fever. Boy did he went in with the ear scope, it bloody hurt when he was checking it.

So after that, my uncle and I went yum cha with his friends and it was boring because they were just chatting away while I’m sitting here stuffing my face with food. By the way, I recommend ordering some black sesame jelly/cake because it’s really good.

I got home around 2 pm and I’m on my computer again. Gonna watch this weeks episode of Kamen Rider Build, some Netflix shows, and be on YouTube again.

Spent the entire time on the computer and walked out of my room at 7:15 pm because dinner still wasn’t ready. Turned out that nobody was cooking and so I had a mince pie, took my meds and spent time on my computer again watching things on YouTube. It’s 9 pm now and I’m just listening to music while my phone is charging. Going to take a shower soon and then head to bed.

Remember when the bad days stopped coming? It feels like that won’t be happening anytime for me, at least for now. So many bad things have happened to me in this lifetime, makes it very hard to count all the good things that have happened because they certainly don’t outweigh the bad. I spend most days recollecting the times that were once happy, but at the same time I would compare it to my present and I can’t help but see the contrast in my well-being. I wish I could forget, all the horrible things that happened and all the things which once were; friendships, memories and the times when the bad days stopped coming.

Some nights I wish I could fall asleep and never wake up again. I truly feel that way. How peaceful it would be to lay comfortably without a care in the world, forget everything that ever happened, and slowly drift away to a far away place that only exists in imagination. Is that too much to ask for?

I’ll leave my sad thoughts up till here for today. Heading off to take a shower and then finally going to bed. Don’t have any plans for tomorrow, probably go to the library again to read my novel. That’s all for today, talk to you later.

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