Journal Entry – 19/03/2018

Skipped posting yesterday because I was pretty much doing the same thing as the day before, nothing special. Today I went out to the library closeby because I was sick of being at home all day. I continued reading my novel that I had started a few months before and now I’m halfway through it. It’s called Harsh Cry of the Heron by Lian Hearn. If you’re interested, I suggest going through the Otori series and read the first novel called Across the Nightingale Floor, and then finish that trilogy first since the one I’m reading now is a sequel to the trilogy.

Other than reading that all day, I’ve been playing a mobile game called Ingress, made by the same group that’s known for Pokemon Go. It’s more or less the same mechanic where you walk around and interact with “portals” that are in the form of certain terrain object like monuments or whatever. It’s a capture game where you attack these “portals” by “hacking” them for items that you use to capture these portals and create fields by linking them to each other. What makes it a challenge is there are two teams fighting for dominance of these portals and you get to pick which team to join. I suggest joining the Enlightened because that’s my team lol

For lunch I went to a sushi place that was close by and ordered a deep fried pork cutlet rice bowl. That’s pretty much how my day went, I left home at 10:30 am and then got back at 4:30 pm and now I’m doing the usual; using the computer and watching YouTube, anime and reading comics haha.

I do have something to say about the library that I went to. It was loud, and you know it’s loud when I’m telling you it’s loud because I have a ruptured eardrum. These two people were talking like they were at a bar, the lady on my left was opening a chocolate bar wrapper, lady on my right was on the phone, and there’s a playpen in the library. So aside from people talking all around me, kids are playing, singing, shouting and crying in this library. I was about to lose it because all I wanted to do was to read my novel, inside a library that’s meant to be dead silent.

The library was was part of a university, so the upper floors are for students while the bottom floor is for the public. Unfortunately for me, I don’t go to this university, so I can’t really go to those floors. About 10 years ago you were allowed to because it was just open, but now they have offices and a lot of staff working on those floors. I wish it never changed because I would’ve went up there immediately.

8:44 pm right now, my ear hasn’t been hurting that much unless I try to dry it, so that’s a good thing. Going to see a doctor tomorrow and hopefully I can get this resolve quickly. I’m so sick of leaking all this liquid and the deafness that I’m experiencing at the moment. If I have to do surgery, then it’s totally fine with me. I have to sleep with a towel over my pillow because of the liquid and I have to clean it everyday day, so I’m looking forward to having to that anymore.

Gonna continue watching YouTube and then take a shower around 9:30 pm. I actually look forward to sleep now haha. Lying down feel so comfortable. That’s it for today, talk to you later.


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