Journal Entry – 17/03/2018

Woke up in the middle of the night because my ear was in so much pain. Couldn’t sleep well at all and even if I sleep on the other ear, it’s somehow still painful and uncomfortable. There was so much build up liquid and just touching my ear hurts.

For breakfast I had a chicken pie from a nearby bakery and it was pretty good. I think everyone should go check out some bakeries and try out their goods.

I’ve spent the day watching things on YouTube and reading some comics, nothing exciting going on. Right now I’m snacking on apples with peanut butter on them because I’m fat haha. It’s 2:23 pm now and I’m not that hungry. I also just spoke with my uncle and he’s taking me to see a doctor about my ear. It kinda got worse because now my head is starting to hurt in the area close to my ear. Chewing is a little annoying too. I’m just glad I’m finally gonna do something about it, rather than let it heal on its own because I am experiencing some deafness and it’s very worrying.

7:20 pm now. Watching silent library punishment game on YouTube, it’s really funny. I also remembered that I experienced a lot of painful things for last couple of years. Like, during the end of 2016 and beginning of 2017, I’ve had food poisoning and acid reflux. Now I have a ruptured eardrum =__= Why can’t I just have a normal year with nothing bad happening to me?

Again I’m gonna head to bed early because this ear is hurting so much right now. Feels like it’s getting worse. I can’t wait till this ear gets better. Anyway, talk to you later.


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