Journal Entry – 16/03/2018

Woke up rather early today because of the pain in my left ear. Had to soak up all the liquid that accumulated and it was painful touching it. I’m trying to avoid it touching it as much as possible even when I have to keep it dry. I did some more reading on it and turns out that even if I do get it checked, I may not have to get surgery on it because it’ll heal in 3 months. I don’t really like the idea of having to deal with this pain for 3 months to be honest.

It also said that they’ll prescribe antibiotics which I’m a little anxious of taking because the last time I had to take them, I ended up getting a yeast infection down below. I thought it was meant to prevent infections, not give them. More reasons to visit the doctor and give them more money I guess.

It’s 10 am right now and I just got on my computer to type all that out. I’m gonna be reading some comics and then get back to watching YouTube videos. I’m currently reading Kasane and it’s really interesting, highly recommend it.

8:41 pm, spent the entire day reading Kasane and I just finished watching this weeks episode of Violet Evergarden. I ended up skipping lunch because I wasn’t feeling that hungry and I was so engrossed in the comic.

I think I’ll take an early shower and go to bed soon. Been a little tired and I just want to make time for my ear to heal. The pain is still there, but only if I touch it. There’s also still liquid draining from it and it’s really annoying me right now. Not sure if it’s getting any better, so it’s likely that I’ll go get it checked within these couple of days.

Heading off to take a shower and then going to bed, talk to you later.


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