Journal Entry – 31/03/2018

Tarot of the day is the Six of Cups; kindness, caring, nostalgia, memories and childhood. I guess this would be helpful to those living in the US since it’s a day behind my time haha. I’ll continue to share it if I feel like it because it doesn’t really help those in the pacific or […]

Journal Entry – 30/03/2018

Spent about an hour in bed and then got up at 8:21 am to brush my teeth. Just as I stepped into the bathroom, I saw my towel with blood on it. Turns out my brother had a bloody nose and he wiped his blood on my towel. After talking to him yesterday and having […]

Journal Entry – 29/03/2018

Yesterday I went to library again to read my novel and I had pork katsu curry again. Almost finished my novel, but I went home early because I couldn’t stand being in the library. It really pissed me off that on the first floor there are kids smashing toys and crying every 5 minutes, then […]

Journal Entry – 27/03/2018

Didn’t sleep that well, woke up early and feeling groggy. Spent the morning hanging the laundry again and left home at 10:30 am to go to the library. I’m considering bringing an umbrella with me next time because its so sunny and hot. I’m covered in sweat and it’s so uncomfortable walking in the sun. […]

Journal Entry – 26/03/2018

I guess I’ll update you on the last 3 days that I didn’t write anything about. On Friday I ended up not going to the library because it was raining pretty much the entire day, so I stayed at home and did the usual internet browsing. On Saturday I didn’t get my haircut because the […]

Journal Entry – 22/03/2018

So I didn’t write anything yesterday because I was in a very bad mood, also because I wasn’t do much at all. Spent most of the day on the computer and watching things on YouTube, read some manga and started watching Marvel’s Runaways. Reason why I was in a bad mood was because my stepfather […]

Journal Entry – 20/03/2018

Headed out in the morning around 10 am to see the doctor and it turns out that I had an ear infection. So the good news is that it’ll be gone in about a week or two, I’m just still wondering why I’m experiencing deafness, but it’s probably the swelling, I hope. I was prescribed […]