These few days – Journal Entry 23/01/2018

So I didn’t take any pictures that day when I went out for lunch. It didn’t really feel right and I had a very boring day. Well, to some it may not be boring, but I just couldn’t tolerate being there because of the person I met up with. So we met at Carl’s Jr and I ordered the Alabama Chicken burger combo with a Strawberry ice cream milkshake. It was of course delicious and I finished everything but the fries, which I never do. I never waste food and I consider it a crime to do such a thing. Obviously, things were not going well for me that day.

Later, we went over to said person’s apartment to chill and played about 7 games of Last Card, which I happen to lose all of them. Again, this does not happen often. It was about now that I wanted to leave and just end the day, but I gave them the benefit of a doubt and we went to get some drinks. I ordered a Taro milk tea which was not thick and creamy as advertised, but grainy and not at all pleasant to drink, still bearable though. We then went to play 2 games of pool and called it a day.

It was such a boring day for me and personally I don’t think it was worth it. I’m not trying to talk down about someone either, I just feel that there was no connection at all and that’s how life is; you don’t always get what you expect and you just have to deal with it in your own way. Our zodiacs clashed anyway so there’s that lol. Chinese Zodiac FYI.

So like, the past few days, it was so hot and there’s hardly any wind at all. I’d look out the window, expecting the trees to be swaying and the leaves dancing on summer’s breath, but there was nothing, not even a whisper of air. The trees looked dead and for a moment, the world seemed still. Amidst all that, I was freaking out about my coconut oil haha. It was very humid and we don’t have any air vents or an AC unit installed, so it gets really hot during the summer, especially my room since it’s the smallest. I hope there’s no mold growing lol.

Yesterday, I went out with my mom, uncle and brother to go get a haircut and after that we went to some Chinese restaurant for Yum Cha, which is what we call going to eat dim sum. The word is derived from the Cantonese phrase for “drink tea” which is pretty much what we are served with the dim sum. Think of it like British Afternoon Tea, but with Asian tea and dim sum lol.

That’s about all the happened, aside from me watching YouTube videos, anime, Netflix, reading comics and eating my emotions at the professional level lol. Not really up to much today, just gonna spend the day on my computer again and think about what I might write for my blog. I was thinking of sharing what I pack for university/college or things that I recommend for it. If you are interested or want me to talk about something, let me know in the comments below.

Lying in bed now at 10:23 pm and it’s so hot right now. Haven’t really done much apart from the usual. I kinda want to write about some past experiences or just some stories about myself and what I did back then aside from just a journal. I would like to share every fortnight so I have some time to think about it and proof read, also to have some sort of schedule to run on and get some momentum going. Any suggestions would be welcomed in the comments section below. Going to sleep now, talk to you all later, good night.

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