Journal Entry 19/01/2018

I know I’m free, but I still don’t have much to say or share at the moment because there’s absolutely nothing much going on in my life. So as much as I would love to write daily, there’s really not a lot to talk about haha. But I would like to say I had cheesecake for breakfast yesterday lol My mom bought a cake and a cheesecake the day before and we were pretty much snacking on that. It was a moment.

So remember how I said I invited my friends out for lunch, which later turned into a dinner? Well, it got cancelled lol. Of course when I invite people out it gets cancelled… What happened was, only two people wanted to go and one of them said they’re not that interested if only two people are going, so the whole thing ended up being called off. Not too mad about it because I was sort of expecting not a lot of people would want to go, you know, because it’s me lol.

At least I’m having lunch tomorrow? haha

So I got invited to hang out and have lunch tomorrow at noon. I hope the weather is good and it doesn’t get cancelled too haha. I’m actually gonna get some origami paper and a hand held fan as well since I’m in need of some more decorative paper and I broke my fan lol. I’ve decided that we go get Carl’s Jr because I haven’t had a burger in about a solid minute! It’s been too long and I’m mad craving a burger right now. Really looking forward to it lol.

The past couple of days I’ve been watching GARO: The Carved Seal of Flames. You have no idea how much I love this series. I’ve actually watched the live action TV series since I was little and I’m pretty much up to date with it, I just have to watch the anime series and one more live action season and then I can patiently wait for the new series. I think a movie is coming out next and I’m really hyped up about it! If you’re interested in the series too, I totally recommend. The series is aimed at an older audience, like 18 haha. the live action is better in my opinion, but the anime is awesome too. Just in case, the live action and animated series are part of the same universe, but the story is different, as in they are the’r own series. Live action has a chronological order, whereas the anime seasons are separate, if that made any sense at all lol.

By the way, the movies that I’m interested in watching this year so far are Black Panther, The Shape of Water and Maze Runner: The Death Cure. Hopefully someone will go watch it with me haha. Or I might just go and watch it myself ( . _ .)

Had sushi for lunch. Didn’t take a picture of it, but I will say that it’s a 12 piece set of assorted, generic sushi. I don’t know if you have St Pierre’s in your country, but that’s where we got it from and it’s not that bad, though there are definitely better places that specialize in sushi.

It’s 10:45 pm now and I’m about to fall asleep soon. Looking forward to lunch tomorrow because its been so long since I’ve had a burger. I even checked the menu out lol Anyway, talk to you soon, goodnight.

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