Journal Entry 27/12/2017


Good morning, though it would be a little late to say that now. Woke up early and checked my phone as usual, nothing new. Spent most of the morning cleaning actually; vacuumed, mopped the floors and helped clean my moms’ car. Just threw out the trash in my room and now I’m listening to music. I was also reading some comics that got updated today: The Mythical Realm, Saike Mata Shite Mo, and Reincarnation no Kaben. Going to watch some more videos on YouTube and decide on something to eat later for lunch.


I had hash-browns for lunch and a glass of orange juice. Yes, I haven’t been writing as frequently as I should, but I just didn’t feel like it today. It was a very boring day and I’ve spent most it reading comics and watching YouTube videos, so there’s really nothing special that happened to me today. I’ve been listening to music throughout the day too, mainly listening to an artist called BoA. Totally recommend listening to her music if you enjoy Kpop and Jpop.

I know this is a short post today, but I really didn’t have anything to share and most of my days will be very similar unless I have any upcoming events, which I don’t. It gets very boring here in New Zealand, especially when nobody invites you to anything or if you’re not studying or working. I think I should get a job, at least I wouldn’t be bored, earn some pocket money and lose some weight, better than spending my days at home on the computer all day. How do yo write a CV and cover letter? I feel like they should’ve taught you this in high school, or maybe they did but I was overseas during that period.

I honestly don’t know what to write on a CV since I’ve never had an actual job and I still haven’t graduated from University because I’m taking a break from studying. I also have to get my drivers license. Why don’t they teach you this stuff?

Sometimes, it feels like everything is working against me. Family, friendships, school, relationships and career is all in shambles. Now I’m all alone by myself writing a blog about my life. I can’t believe this is where everything has led me.

Well, it’s 9:39 pm right now and I’m about to hit the showers then go to sleep. Talk to you tomorrow, if I’m still motivated enough to continue writing this daily haha. Goodnight.



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