Journal Entry 25/12/2017

Merry Christmas


Woke up quite early today at around 6 am and spent most of the morning checking my phone, then eventually got up and ready for breakfast. It’s a hot Christmas morning today in the southern hemisphere and it’s a sunny day today. Not much planned for the day, just going to read comics and possibly start on another TV series. My family don’t celebrate Christmas, the least we do is say Merry Christmas and got about our day, sometimes we would do something for dinner, but most of the time we don’t have any plans at all. Last year I went over to a friends place to celebrate Christmas and just did a BBQ and drinks thing. This year I’m going to stay home, mostly in my room doing what I enjoy doing, maybe treat myself and eat something good for lunch.

Growing up, I thought Christmas was a wonderful holiday where friends and family get together and celebrate with a feast and a big party with lots of music playing and games for everyone to join in. When that didn’t happen, Christmas turned into something that lovers spend the day together doing lovey dovey things and it’s one romantic evening of the year. Now it’s just me, alone in my room reading comics haha. It’s become something that I brush off and it’s just another day of the year. So if you’re here for an eventful Christmas story, you’re in the wrong place haha.

Anyways, these are today’s comics updates: The Mythical Realm, Tales of Demons and Gods, Star Martial God Technique, Only Sense Online, Soul Land II, Xian Ni, Spirit Blade Mountain and Shen Yin Wang Zuo. Click on them and it’ll take you to the page where you can read them.


My brother just had to piss me off today. He decided to clean my dishes, and guess what he did? Rinsed them in water, that’s all he did. Then he had the audacity to clap back at me like he has some sort of immunity when either one of his parents are around. I am a hairs breath away from showing him just how angry I am right now. 22 years of pent up anger and I have had it. It’s one thing to annoy someone, but intentionally doing it because you like seeing them mad, you’re asking for a violent response. I really want to break something right now. There’s nothing but rage left in me. Thanks for ruining my entire day.


I’m really not in the mood to write anything, so I’ll end it here for today.



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