Journal Entry 23/12/2017


Got up a little early this morning and brushed my teeth, used the toilet and checked my phone, the usual morning routine. It’s a Saturday morning so of course we had pies for breakfast. I had a bacon and egg pie. Unlike other places that I’ve tried, this pie is moist and the egg is beaten and mixed with the ingredients rather than as it is. It also has cheese in it too so there’s flavor throughout and doesn’t have that hard boiled yolk feel. It’s sort of like a quiche to be honest haha.

Started writing my journal this late because I wasn’t in the mood to write anything, and I was a little busy getting ready, eating and whatnot. Also because my fingernails were long so it’s a bit uncomfortable and awkward to type with. I could write this on my phone and honestly it would actually to quicker because of auto-correct and predictive text. when typing on a keyboard, there’s room for a lot of mistakes and I have the tendency to pause and correct myself every so often and almost as though I’m trying to think before I type. I’m not so use to typing on keyboard, surprisingly enough. I much prefer writing because I’m quicker at it than typing. It just flows a lot easier and there’s enough room for me to think, whereas when I’m typing, the letters are already there. It does make editing easier on the computer, but it really is a hassle for me trying to get use to the keyboard. I wish could touch type.

As usual I’ll be sharing the comic updates and then continue to watch YouTube videos and check what’s on Netflix and what anime updates there are. Comic updates: Black Clover, The Mythical Realm and I started reading Necromancer.


Nothing much going on today, just ate some cherries and my uncle drove bag and gave me a bag of lychee. That’s about all. I’ve been watching videos on ecospheres and people experimenting with what conditions will make it successful and fully self sustaining.


Not in the mood to write today. Wasn’t much that went on either. Might have more to talk about tomorrow. Talk to you soon.



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