Journal entry 21/12/2017


Good morning. Finished brushing my teeth and washing my face, now I’m sitting beside this bundle of dandelions enjoying the soft breeze and fresh air. I absolutely recommend breathing some fresh air in the morning, it’s richer during sunrise.

I’m looking to getting my beard trimmer today and getting a haircut because its been a month already it’s just better to have shorter hair in the summer. Speaking of summer, it’s so relaxing to sit outside in the morning and taking in the sun while a soft breeze is blowing. I wish everyday was like this haha. Currently writing this on my phone because I like to avoid using my computer so early in the morning. But then again, I’m using my phone the moment I wake up haha.

Going to eat breakfast and then get ready to head out soon for my haircut. Likely to eat out for lunch so I’ll try to take some pictures if I can and share them when I get home.


I got a notifications for both parcels and they are being delivered today. I’m also expecting to head out around 10:30 am so I hope it gets delivered before I leave, otherwise my mom will have to receive it and knowing her, she might open them and ask a bunch of questions. We’ll see what happens.


Found the photos from the restaurant I went to. Had pretty much the same thing there. The service isn’t the greatest because they don’t always push the cart to you and stop by your table. If have to actually ask them what they have and then they’ll tell you. Food is alright though, I heard dinner there is good. If you plan on going, I suggest going around 1 pm because there are a lot of people around 12 pm and you have to reservations. It’s located near the New Lynn train station and Lynn Mall is just around the corner too, so it’s a convenient place to go for Chinese Dim Sum and then shopping afterwards. There are actually quite a lot of places to dine around the area, so check those places out and read some reviews before diving into it.

I also received my two parcels and my step father totally talked smack about how I’m always buying things online. It’s not like I’m spending money out of your pocket, so why do you have to add in your two cents? I love how he acts like such a saint when talking about my sins, but the moment you bring up his, he’s all defensive and plays the victim, as if the entire world is attacking him.

Anyway, gonna continue watching YouTube videos and playing with my beard trimmer and 2 USB rechargeable flashlight.


Just took a shower, brushed my teeth and moisturized my face. Tried my beard trimmer and turns out it works better out of the shower. It missed a few longer strands, now it looks relatively proportional, but some areas are longer, which if frustrating. Going to sleep now, good night.



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