Journal entry 20/12/2017


Well, my mom just got back from overseas. Probably decided to come back for Christmas and New Years. Still waiting for my parcel and it’s likely that I would be spending the rest of the day cleaning the house now that the queen herself is back. And she just told me to hire a big bin to do a huge clean up of the house and garage. Great.

Anyway, comic updates: Battle Through the Heavens, I Shall Seal the Heavens, Tales of Demons and Gods, and Cat’s Eye.


Still no update for my parcel, but another one is schedule for tomorrow. Yes, I buy a lot of things online haha. the first one was a flashlight that can be attached to my keys and it’s also rechargeable through USB and is water resistant. The second parcel is a beard trimmer that trims up to 20 mm. I’ve been trying to grow my beard, but looks so uneven. The only trimmer that I have trims it down to stubble. Oddly, I’m really looking forward to using it haha.

I’m planning on sharing some pictures and stories that go with them in the future, still deciding what to share and I have a request to share food, restaurants and scenery. There’s not that many places I’ve been and the food is mostly cuisines from across the world, so I can’t really say what New Zealand specializes in. It would be a little pointless of me to share Korean food or German restaurant, but if there is a place I like, I’ll share it, just don’t expect too much and get your hopes up.

There isn’t a lot of places to go in Auckland city. Definitely not as abundant than places like New York or Tokyo. I’ve heard from overseas students saying that it’s boring in Auckland city and they’re not wrong haha. You’d be better off reading another travel blog than ask me for advice, but I least I can do is show you places I’ve been and what I thought of it.


Had Shin Ramen for lunch. It’s been so long since I’ve last had it and it is spicy. I also just got invited to go on a hike next week. I’m the most nonathletic person here and a chubby one at that haha. As much as I would like to walk for an hour from a forest, I don’t think I would enjoy it because there’s a water fall there and I have to swim. My body is not in the best condition to swim, because rather than having a summer body, I have a hibernation figure. Most likely a no for me.

Honestly, if it was a restaurant I’d be so down haha.


Spent most of the day watching YouTube videos. Didn’t get my parcel today, so I had to reschedule it to this Friday. It was still in the depot at 4 pm and I didn’t want to chance it.


Getting a haircut tomorrow. As I get older, I realize how much I look forward to getting a haircut. It does start to get frustrating when it’s longer one side and it brushes against your eye brows.

Took this picture in the morning. The only rose bush in our backyard.

Most days are very uneventful, so days like those will have a short journal entry and I’ll probably compensate for that by sharing pictures I took that day or adding my thoughts about something. The weather today was mostly cloudy and there was a lot of wind, which was great because the temperature was so much cooler than yesterday. Hopefully it stays cool tomorrow since I’m going out. It’s also likely that we would be eating out, so I’ll try to take some pictures.

That’s all for today, going to take a shower and sleep. It’s 9:16 pm already and the sky is dark now. Trying to sleep early because the sun rises so early this summer. Talk to you all tomorrow, good night.



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