Journal entry 17/12/2017

Like I mentioned yesterday, I decided to start writing my journal throughout the day so I don’t have to write so much at night. Lazy, but efficient.

Once again, I woke up early because of the sunlight in my room. I like how not only is my room facing the sun, but it is also the only room that does not have curtains that block out the light. Everyone else’s room is facing away from the light and is dark. I always get the short end of the stick. Also, I have the smallest room in the house and my wardrobe is ticking out of the wall. As if it wasn’t small enough.

Anyways, I’m awake and lying in bed doing my morning routine which consists of checking my phone; going through social media apps and games. Since its the holidays I’ve been spending an hour or so checking Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram and Twitter. Not much really happens there apart from Tumblr. Haven’t posted much on those accounts as of late, especially Facebook. Just don’t like the app as much as I used to. It doesn’t feel like I’m seeing my friends and what’s going on through their lives. It’s always something they liked or got tagged in, not the things that they post. Rather than seeing them, it’s shrouded by all this noise that I can’t relate to. This is mainly why I decided to start a blog and making it a platform for me to talk and share things about me that my other social media accounts don’t reflect.

Now, as for games that I check every morning. Hackers, Digimon heroes, Otogi, Beasts evolved and Greening 2 are the main ones that I play. If you’re interested in playing Digimon heroes, they’re closing the game at the end of the year, so don’t download that one. I think they are working on developing another game, so they can’t continue with this one for some reason.

Now, aside from all that, obviously it time to get up and go to the toilet. Should always poop in the morning, no questions there haha

Then it’s onto brushing my teeth and washing my face. I’ve been using Nivea men protect and care refreshing face wash with aloe Vera. Hasn’t failed me yet. As for moisturizer I use Nivea cellular anti-age day cream SPF 15. Start now because if you try to fix it when you see your skin start to age, it’s already too late. Yeah, not taking any chances there.


It’s now that I realized I forgot to put a time stamp on all this. Defeats the purpose of journal if you ask me. Anyways, just finished brushing my teeth and all, now I’m applying my deodorant that’s also by Nivea men, silver protect 48 hr. Honestly they should sponsor me haha Loyal customer for roughly 10 years.

From the moment I started brushing my teeth to when I applied my deodorant, I’ve been listening to music throughout on Spotify. Love the app and I’m so glad that I’ve started using it this year. Am the other mornings I’ve been listening to music that I’ve transferred to my phone from my computer. Worth it though because there are songs that are not on the app. If you have any song suggestions, please leave a message in the comments below.


Just finished breakfast while watching YouTube videos because it’s boring eating alone by myself. I had a steak and cheese pie, it was so tender and yummy. Yes, part of the Sunday morning ritual, though it’s not always consistent haha

Before breakfast, I had a royal jelly capsule. I know, not a lot of scientific study that shows how beneficial it is, but I was dumb enough to order two lots of them and I have to finish them because I paid good money for them. It’s discouraged to buy them and it’s definitely not vegan, so try to stay away from them. I also took a multivitamin after breakfast because we don’t eat a variety of fruits and vegetables at home, so I have to make do. And I took two fish oil capsules too. Yes, I’m health conscious, moving on.

If this is a too detailed don’t worry, I’m just getting most of the routine out of the way so it doesn’t sound so repetitive.


Checking all the comics that I read to see if there are any updates. I will share what I read each day when there’s an update so I’m not bombarding you all with a huge list. The sites that I use are MangaFox, ReadManga and KissManga. I prefer KissManga because it allows you to show all pages so you don’t have to constantly click it and it also let’s you see which chapter you’ve read. ReadManga has the show all function as well, but it also has most of the genre of comics that I read, which are Chinese comics or ManHua. Update for today is Soul Land.

Next would be checking any Anime updates and the site I use is GogoAnime. Likewise, I will share the series I watch as they update. It’ll feel like you’re watching along with me 😀 Anyways, there’s an update for Houseki No Kuni.


Spent the past hours watching YouTube videos and had croissants for lunch, now I’m gonna continue watching Marvel’s The Defenders on Netflix. Really looking forward to seeing all the heroes/vigilantes meeting each other.


Had dinner, now I’m gonna spend the rest of the night chilling. Only have 3 episodes of The Defenders left to watch and then it’ll be searching for another series to watch. Probably gonna catch up on some Anime or continue reading my novel. Not much else to do at the moment.

Going shopping tomorrow for some food and if there’s nothing new happening I’m gonna skip a journal entry and post something that’s been on my mind for a while, just a short paragraph that I wrote about a year or two ago. Starting to wonder I should even bother with this, because it honestly feels like I’m talking to no one.



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2 thoughts on “Journal entry 17/12/2017

  1. I can’t write english very well, so i used google to translate it for me:

    My purpose of writing a diary is to give more encouragement and motivation to the future self and to change yourself in the future as you can reflect on it. 


    Keep up the good work !
    继续加油 !


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