Journal Entry – 22/03/2018

So I didn’t write anything yesterday because I was in a very bad mood, also because I wasn’t do much at all. Spent most of the day on the computer and watching things on YouTube, read some manga and started watching Marvel’s Runaways. Reason why I was in a bad mood was because my stepfather […]

Journal Entry – 20/03/2018

Headed out in the morning around 10 am to see the doctor and it turns out that I had an ear infection. So the good news is that it’ll be gone in about a week or two, I’m just still wondering why I’m experiencing deafness, but it’s probably the swelling, I hope. I was prescribed […]

Journal Entry – 19/03/2018

Skipped posting yesterday because I was pretty much doing the same thing as the day before, nothing special. Today I went out to the library closeby because I was sick of being at home all day. I continued reading my novel that I had started a few months before and now I’m halfway through it. […]

Journal Entry – 17/03/2018

Woke up in the middle of the night because my ear was in so much pain. Couldn’t sleep well at all and even if I sleep on the other ear, it’s somehow still painful and uncomfortable. There was so much build up liquid and just touching my ear hurts. For breakfast I had a chicken […]

Journal Entry – 16/03/2018

Woke up rather early today because of the pain in my left ear. Had to soak up all the liquid that accumulated and it was painful touching it. I’m trying to avoid it touching it as much as possible even when I have to keep it dry. I did some more reading on it and […]

Journal Entry – 15/03/2018

I haven’t been feeling well for the past month and a half. I can’t say that I’m feeling any better, but I decided to talk about it a little. You ever wake up in the morning and you can’t find a reason to open your eyes? I’ve been feeling that all this time and I […]